Lei-Ahna & Jake's wedding

I am so grateful to have had this chance to see one of my best friends get married to the love of her life.  The wedding took place at the beautiful Villa Pemutih in Bali, which overlooks Padang Padang and Bingin Beach.  Such a beautiful celebration.  And it was such a pleasure to be "the guest" and not "the photographer" this time.  Wishing a life full of love and happiness to Jake and Lei-Ahna xxx

Anzac Day Dawn Service, France

Every year on the 25th of April I wake up at a ridiculous hour to drive up to the Anzac Day dawn service in Northern France.  The commemoration takes place at the Australian War Memorial in Villers Bretonneux.  It is a huge event which brings together thousands of Australians who have travelled many miles.  Australians are welcomed with open arms in the Picardy region of France as they all remember how our war heroes took back their towns and saved them.  In the playground of the Villers Bretonneux primary school you will find these words painted on the wall "n'oublie pas les Australiens"..... meaning "never forget the Australians".

The dawn service is very moving and beautiful.

'At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.'  Lest we forget.